We received very nice feedback on the work and energy that you as volunteers put into the projects during the action day on April 7th. We would like to share two of them. Volunteers: thanks a lot!


Children able to sleep at home again

Three volunteers painted a families sleeping room. Subsequently a group of Stichting Present volunteers renewed the floor covering. The rooms was transferred into a usable sleeping room again with the result that two children could move in and now live at home again. This is the impact of giving one day of your time!


Lasting clean and tidy

As this house there was such a backlog in cleaning that the cleaning-lady could not actually work her way through. A group of seven volunteers accomplished a thorough cleaning action in fall. Afterwards the cleaning-lady was able to keep everything in good shape. On April 7th four enthusiastic volunteers entered the house with brushes, rollers and paint buckets. The resident had never before experienced that people, unfamiliar to each other, came to help him out. Without expecting anything in return! The impact is enormous by the hope it brought and the result of a clean and fresh painted house.

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