New things happening

We would like to inform you about new developments within Serve the City Haarlem. You might have noticed that there (unfortunately) was no projectday in spring of this year.

Since 2012, in spring and fall, we have organised project days in which many of you have partaken. However, due to personal circumstances relating to work, home and family conditions for our coreteam members, we have not been able to organise this day. The weeks preceding such a project day incur quite some efforts and this was the achilles heel. For the past year we have been searching for replacements of core team members or strengthening the coreteam as such. We are excited to announce that we have found a solution.

For the past couple of years we have been closely collaborating with Present Foundation. This organisation is going to continue the work of Serve the City Haarlem with immediate effect. The driving forces behind it are Juliette and Janneke, the new coreteam.

They could sure need extra help and would love to continue with all the project coordinators of the past years. And of course they hope you will continue to volunteer!


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