How do we interact with each other in a pleasant way?

Within Serve the City Haarlem we believe in good interaction with each other. We are referring to the relationship between the volunteers and the participants of the projects we visit, but also the relationship between all the volunteers themselves. We need to agree with each other on a pleasant interaction. This means we have to be clear what is unpleasant and therefore deemed inappropriate behaviour. Hence this Codes of Conduct, that we expect our volunteers to comply with.

We uphold the belief that it is important to agree on a code of conduct in which both volunteers as well the participants of projects, feel comfortable. This can only be achieved if you respect each other and respective values. This means that within Serve the City Haarlem we do not tolerate any forms of unequal behaviour like pestering, abuse of power, discriminating/racist/sexist or sexually intimidating behaviour or remarks, or incitement thereof. This is all inadmissible
Codes of Conduct

Everyone who participates in the projects of the foundation Serve the City Haarlem accepts the goals and internal rules of our foundation and agrees to adhere to the rules of conducts as indicated hereafter. We welcome everyone warmly who subscribes to these rules.
We request all board members, core team members, volunteers and other persons involved in projects and the work of Serve the City Haarlem, that they cooperate and comply with these rules of conduct. Not all things that are potentially hurtful to others, can be framed in words. That would be too substantial. But of course this does not mean that some things are admissible, although they have not been prohibited in so many words

The board members of Serve the City Haarlem has drafted the following rules of conduct:

1. I accept and respect the other person for what (s)he is and will not discriminate. Everyone counts within the foundation
2. I will take into account the boundaries the other person sets
3. I will not harass the other person
4. I will not cause any damage to the other person
5. I will not abuse in any way my dominant position
6. I will not curse or swear and make mean remarks or jokes about other people
7. I will not ignore the other person
8. I will not partake in pestering, gossiping or ridiculing others
9. I will not fight, use violence or threaten others. I will not bring along arms or weapons.
10. I will not approach the other person too closely if undesired or touch the other person against his/her will
11. I will not give the other person any undesired sexual attention
12. I will not make any inappropriate remarks or ask inappropriate questions about someone’s personal life or appearance
13. If someone is bothering me, I will ask that person to stop. If this is not effective, I will seek assistance from someone else.
14. I will help others in adhering to these rules and will make an appeal to someone who doesn’t stick to these rules and, if necessary, report this to the Board of Serve the City Haarlem

This Code of Conduct and its rules have been established by the Board of the Foundation Serve the City Haarlem on Monday January 11th 2016

Reporting protocol sexual abuse / inappropriate conduct

The protocol “sexual abuse / inappropriate conduct” describes how to act in situations (or suspicions) of afore mentioned behaviour and how and whom to report to. You can find the protocol here.

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